Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fashion Tights for Business Casual

Winter is coming on strong here in Blacksburg.  We are already getting ice and snow and it's just the beginning of December.  I am so glad that tights are trending right now because young women need some inspiration to dress appropriately for the weather and interviews in the cold weather.  I was walking into my office a few weeks ago and it was about 36 degrees outside.  I saw a young woman running into my building, I assume for an on-campus interview, wearing a short skirt, no tights or hose, barefooted, and carrying her heels as she entered out of breath into the Smith Career Center.  She was not making a very strong first impression.  First of all, she was obviously late for her interview and secondly she was not dressed appropriately for the weather.  What if I had been the recruiter she was coming to interview with, or worse what if the recruiter was watching her bare feet and legs running across the parking lot from a window in our building.  Wearing hose or tights is part of the interview attire and creates a polished and put together look.  Would you wear shorts to the office when it's only 36 degrees out??  Then why do young woman wear skirts to the office with no hose in the winter?  I just don't get it.  If I was a recruiter is would make me question the candidates ability to make critical decisions, like dressing for the weather.....

Anyway, lucky for us tights are trending now and there are lots of fun ways to wear tights in the office and make them business casual appropriate and also show off your style.

This is the look I saw on Pinterest which inspired me.  I love polka dots and these tights are so cute.

I wanted to see how to take this casual look with the designer tights and make them business casual and office appropriate.

Here are some fun tights to choose from.  I can't decide if I would like the animal print or not, I think I would have to try them on.  
Cozy up and look stylish while you wear some fun tights to work.  I love to pair them with tall boots or booties and I love that I can still wear skirts in the winter with these great tights keeping my legs warm.

What do you think about fun tights in the office?

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  1. Yes, please! I hope it's acceptable! I despise regular, old pantyhose!